IR500 – Handheld Mapping System

IR500 Handheld mapping system includes a tablet, aluminum frame, and external 360 degrees camera. Its depth sensors have a range of 5 meters, and enable 6000 to 8000 square foot data capture per hour. It is an affordable device for rapid generation of Revit models and asset managment.

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IR500T – Handheld Mapping System with Thermal Camera

Same as IR500T plus a thermal camera with 19mm or 6.8mm lens for wide or narrow FoV thermal imaging.

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IR1000 – Backpack Mapping System

IR1000 Backpack mapping unit with aluminium frame and four hot swappable Li-ion batteries lasting four hours, laser range finders, and RGB cameras with 360 field of view (FoV) in horizontal and vertical direction; the large FoV togehter with 30 meter range of the depth sensor enables high throughput scanning of 200,000 square foot per 8 hour day.

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IR1000T- Backpack Mapping System with Thermal Cameras

Same as IR1000 plus two FLIR infrared cameras pointing upward and right. Allows for detecting thermal anomalies such as moisture leak, or unsealed windows.

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Auto-Generated Data Products

After uploading your data to our cloud, we auto-generate these data products for you to download/consume. Point clouds in .las format, 3D mesh in .ply format, auto-generated floor plan in svg or .dxf format, summary report of square footage, volume, surface area. In addition, if you want a detailed Revit model, you can either use our Revit plug-in or outsource your Revit model generation to Indoor Reality.

Web Interface

A Web based remote visualization and virtual navigation tool that allows for 3D dimension measurement, asset tagging, and thermal visualization. The web interface runs on desktop, laptop or mobile or VR platforms.

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Daydream VR

Immerse yourself in your captured spaces, be it with backpack or the handheld, with VR headsets such as Google Daydream. Virtually navigate an entire building from top to bottom without ever stepping in it. From capture to VR, our processing pipeline is entirely automatic, with no human in the loop.

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Revit Plug-In

Quickly creates Revit and Autocad models using the automatically generated data products in Indoor Reality Cloud processing pipeline. Eliminates time consuming tracing of point clouds resulting in 3X to 5X speed up in Revit model generation. Asset detection and management is integrated with Revit resulting in a simplified workflow.

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Positioning Mobile App

A custom-built app enabling users to locate themselves on a mobile device against a backdrop of an Indoor Reality generated floorplan. The app requires data acquisition with the IR backpack or handheld mapping system in a building with Wi-fi routers.

This enables the on-site user to see the condition of the building at different points in time through our augmented reality app".