Product Overview

Ultrafast 3D mapping and visual documentation of buildings and their assets by Indoor Reality is speeding up the way AEC, Insurance, Facilities Management and Real Estate industrial-applications collaborate and communicate throughout the lifecycle of a building or facility.

Indoor Reality's wearable devices allow you to map wherever humans can go: staircases, uneven surfaces, attics, interior, exterior, no matter how complicated or dense the space.

A web based 3D visualization tool enables users to (a) virtually navigate a 3D space on desktop, mobile, and virtual reality HMDs, (b) tag, locate, and manage assets, and (c) measure dimensions of scenes, or objects accurately.

Introductory Video

Please click on the video below for a brief overview explaining our product.

How it Works

Step 1.

Scan your room or building using the Indoor Reality scanning handheld or backpack.

Step 2.

Upload the scan into the Indoor Reality processing cloud.

Step 3.

Consume the generated 3D view and floor plans from the web. Download pointclouds, floor plans, and more!

Features & Benefits

  • Continuous rather than stop and go, data acquisition
    • 30x faster than traditional static scanners
    • Can cover 200,000 square foot in 8 hours
  • Goes wherever humans go: staircase, uneven surfaces
    • More agile than cart based systems
  • Generate Revit models 3x faster than traditional point cloud based methods
    • Productivity enhancement tool
  • Building analytic platform to detect objects of interest such as fire alarms:
    • Useful for asset detection & management, smart buildings and IOT
  • Cell phone based indoor GPS:
    • Useful for Augmented reality & locating assets.
  • Thermal as well as visible light imaging
    • Useful for data centers, or moisture detection



One of our clients had an unexpected and urgent request for our firm to prepare a series of photo realistic 3-D renderings on a super-fast schedule. Before we could begin this effort we needed to get an accurate REVIT model of the 28,000 sf 2 floor space. We immediately contacted Indoor Reality Thursday morning and amazingly by early Sunday morning at 12.10AM we received their REVIT model!

The quality of their documentation was exactly what we needed to complete our 3-D renderings. Thank you Avideh for making us look good. I know we will be working with you and Indoor Reality again.

At ESRI, we’re constantly looking for partners who are on the leading edge of data acquisition, processing, and connecting GIS content with new applications to help customers solve real world problems. Indoor Reality was an obvious company to partner with as Avideh and team offer cutting edge technology for interior capture with smart tools to extract valuable content from raw data. The Indoor Reality team also demonstrated willingness to learn and adapt so that they could increase the value of their offering within a traditional ESRI customer’s workflow. I frequently recommend Indoor Reality to customers who are looking for new ways to build out interior and exterior GIS processes and who need a way to get started capturing useful data immediately.

Facility owners and designers that seek to understand facility as-is conditions at lower cost should check out Indoor Reality products!
They provide a fast and price competitive pipeline for 3D mapping that results in a 3D photo walkthru, thermal map, and Building Information Model that serves space inventory, planning, and renovation, and also identifies assets for facility management.

Indoor Reality’s approach to capturing As-Built conditions is amazing. The ability to simply walk through a facility to capture images, point cloud information, elevation, and annotate features without the need to register targets allows for fast reality capture with the least amount of impact on facility personnel.

Few energy engineers have opportunities to work with game changing engineering tools – but I did when I used Indoor Reality’s handheld and backpack data acquisition systems for separate energy audits. In addition to Indoor Reality’s tools’ collection of energy specific information such as window and wall area, building orientation and thermal images, the virtual walkthrough and annotation features allowed me to “revisit” the mechanical rooms, again and again, and come up with energy saving ideas that I might otherwise would have missed. I look forward to continuing to work with Indoor Reality to add value to my energy audit, retro-commissioning and retrofit assistance projects.

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